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LiDAR Services International Inc., LSI, is a Canadian, Calgary Alberta based airborne LiDAR service provider that has been in business since 2002. LSI’s business focus is to provide high quality airborne LiDAR data collection and processing services using LSI’s designed and manufactured proprietary MATRIX LiDAR airborne systems. LSI’s core group have been involved with airborne laser technology since the mid 80’s and have pioneered many of the standards and procedures that are being used in the LiDAR industry today. 

LSI owns and operates three proprietary airborne LiDAR systems that have been used on projects throughout North America, Central and South America as well as Africa and Asia. What differentiates LiDAR Services International from other mapping companies is their single-minded commitment to their client’s project, their unequalled experience, knowledge, technical expertise, innovation and customized survey solutions and services. 



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  • LSI Awarded Coal Mine LiDAR Project
    September 2019 – LSI has been awarded a project for an Alberta based coal mine …Read More
  • LSI Completes Mine Project
    September 2019 – LSI has completed a detailed LiDAR survey for a gold mining company …Read More
  • LSI Awarded 3 Yukon Projects
    August – 2019 LSI is pleased to announce the award of 3 mining LiDAR projects …Read More